Life Drawings

Fully clothed
Study of a model wearing clothes
Nap time
Rescue dog life drawing class - the greatest night ever
Step Up
Life drawing for animators - key poses of a model stepping on to a stage
Just Relax
Perspective study using a colour pastel
Perspective study including the surroundings of the room
Just waiting
A clothed piece of drawing, looking at posture and storytelling posing
Who's Who?
This piece is looking at the model in the same pose, clothed and unclothed. Replicating the pose, whilst observing the minute differences.
Up-close and personal
A close up acrylic painting, using a palette knife.
A1 piece done in watercolour, creating a relaxed tone reflecting the nature of the model.
A short study of the model and where lighting hits them and how it is cast across the body.
Super skinny model
2 hour chalk and charcoal study of a skeleton. The awkward perspective and composition leaves everything outside the picture to the imagination.
15 - 30 second drawings of dynamic poses
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Just Relax

Perspective study using a colour pastel